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WENGER flipFORMS for Children

The WENGER flipFORMS for children in various colors enthusiasm, impress and convice with the easy rolling, the very fast setup, the three possibilties of setting up and the small storing place. The WENGER flipFORMS are available in various colors. The weight per WENGER flipFORM is 36 kg. They are the most perfect performance products for nursery schools, children's choir and elementary schools.

WE 260 WENGER flipFORMS for children, color blue
WE 261 WENGER flipFORMS for children, color yellow
WE 262 WENGER flipFORMS for children, color green
WE 263 WENGER flipFORMS for children, color red

PLATFORM SHAPE. Hingend sections in flat position.

TIERED SEATING SHAPE. Back hingend section flips anto core.

STANDING 3-STEP RISER SHAPE. Back and front sections flip anto core.

Wheels and recessed handholds make it easy to transport flipForms.

Die Units roll, nest and store in upright position.


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